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Our services include project management, acquisitions, title examination, records analysis, due diligence, GIS mapping and surface operations support.


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Leasing, Title and Mineral Acquisition

Our team of professional landmen have extensive experience in negotiations with landowners and mineral owners, and you can feel confident your business and operations will be represented with the utmost integrity. We specialize in all aspects of land operations, and can assist our clients every step of the way from establishing a new acreage position to expanding on current operations.

Specialties include

  • Oil & gas mineral lease acquisition
  • Mineral and Leasehold title reports
  • Title Curative
  • Title Abstracts
  • Lease Take-offs
service Right-of-Way Land Acquisition, Renewables and Surface Operations Support icon

Right-of-Way Land Acquisition, Renewables and Surface Operations Support

Lean on our team’s expertise to fairly determine terms and settle damages with landowners while advocating for the client’s interests. From pipelines and electric lines to surface leases and site development, we can help you move quickly from planning to acquisition to survey and construction. At the start of a project we identify all the necessary permitting with local, state and federal agencies to ensure any necessary permits are obtained within the timeline of a project. We will coordinate with survey and construction to help our clients move quickly through the project phases in a timely manner.

Specialties include

  • Surface Contract Acquisition
  • Site and Route Selection
  • Survey Coordination & Exhibit Review
  • Liaison during Construction Operations
  • Permitting
  • Damage Settlements
  • Condemnations
service GIS Mapping and Data Management icon

GIS Mapping and Data Management

Enjoy real time access to your project through our secure, web-based mapping services that can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer. Our data management system is customized for each and every project, allowing our web maps and reports to be manipulated with ease to display various project markers. Our digital and printed maps can be generated with nearly an endless amount of data options and are fully customizable. Our team stays up to date with the latest GIS innovations and practices in the industry, and all project information can be exported to integrate with the client’s own GIS system and as part of the regulatory permitting process.


  • Real time, up to the minute project access with web based interactive project maps
  • Data rich GIS mapping data integrated with project information
  • Secure platforms to keep your data safe and secure
  • Data exports in multiple file formats
service Project Management icon

Project Management

The cornerstone of our business is in our team of professionals, and we take pride in delivering industry experience and personal service with every project. Our team will regularly analyze each project and deliver information to you with the summaries and recommendations highlighted to have you prepared with the key information at your fingertips.


  • Due Diligence
  • Records Analysis
  • Surface Operations Support
  • Survey Coordination
  • Integrated reporting
service Title Examination icon

Title Examination

At the foundation of all land work is a solid examination of the title records. Our team utilizes both local records and various digital resources to deliver accurate and cost effective results. We tailor our title services to meet the unique requirements of a project, and to spend client resources where it matters most. Title, like other aspects of the land services business, has evolved in recent years. Our team of land professionals utilize the latest technologies and services to analyze title and find owners. We take contract preparation seriously and strive for perfection to ensure the contracts we negotiate are valid and binding. When title issues arise we prepare and execute the necessary curative documents to deliver a clear chain of title of record. The title information is integrated into our GIS mapping systems for enhanced reporting and project management.


  • Ownership Reports for surface, mineral and leasehold
  • Contract Preparation
  • Title Curative
  • Contract Perfection and Recordation
  • Title Abstracts
  • Cursory Title Checks

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